Website Logo Design and Pricing

We do website logo design for business, schools, nonprofit, government institutions and corporate product branding.

Our prices are low yet professional.

We have 3 plans as described below

Plan I:  Basic Logo Design:

The basic banner design is implemented basing on the limited information gathered from the client. It is a bit monotonous to the designer. This plan is good for simple and general open ended banners with no complexity designs

Price: TZS. 50,000/=

Plan II: Premium Logo Design:

The premium logo design is implemented basing on the information gathered from the client which include specific brand information and text like motto, slogan, This plan is good for moderate demanding logo designs

Price: TZS. 150,000/=

Plan III: Corporate Logo Design:

The corporate logo design is implemented focusing on corporate branding and market identification requirements which include colors, graphics, texts and their corresponding font etc. This plan is good for more demanding and complex logo designs

Price: TZS. 250,000/=

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